Few relationships in life are as time-consuming, fraught with emotion, and consequential, as that between the employer and its employees.  And few involve so many legal issues. 

I represent employers and employees in all types of employment-related matters, such as:

  • Compensation/bonus disputes;
  • Actions for discrimination and retaliation; 
  • Actions involving claims of hostile work environment and harassment;
  • Enforcement of non-compete/non-solicitation clauses; 
  • Litigation for failure to pay overtime, improper wage deductions, and other violations of federal and state labor laws; 
  • Negotiation and drafting of employment, severance, bonus, and other agreements;
  • Counseling of companies and individuals on various matters of employment law, including employee termination. 

My experience as an employment lawyer includes:

  • Successfully litigating on behalf of an employee of a major financial services firm who was a victim of a hostile work environment; 
  • Obtaining favorable settlement on behalf of a class of financial advisors of a major financial institution deprived of proper compensation; 
  • Negotiating settlement for salespeople of credit card processor whose wages were improperly deducted in violation of the labor laws; 
  • Litigating in federal court on behalf of hospitality industry employee whose employer failed to pay all wages earned; 
  • Representing a Wall Street professional who was deprived of a substantial bonus in arbitration; 
  • Advising a UK-based technology startup on various contractual matters.